Our Story

Dear You,

What’s Love Co. is a tongue-in-cheek unisex apparel brand founded by two best girl friends  - Karisa & Chantel, who are a little too good at taking naps, sending memes, and talking endlessly about this four letter word: L-O-V-E. Established in a year of curveballs and solitude, its founders hoped to build a heart-centered brand made to lightheartedly uplift in a world that sometimes makes it difficult to smile.

Each collection is representative of fleeting thoughts, pick-me-ups and love notes that relate to various states of our heart and makes for a comfy gift to oneself or a loved one - whether a bestie, your other half, a lover or whoever it may be that you're thinking of.

And as every relationship goes, we are a continuous work in progress so please do share your feedback or send us compliments to keep us going!